Richer Text

Richer Text vs Trix

If you’re coming from Ruby on Rails you may be familar with Trix, the default editor that comes with ActionText. For many this will be enough, and you won’t need to extend Trix, but if you’re part of the group that needs to go further than Trix… keep reading!

You’ll find it embedded below for you to try out and play around with. You’ll find it’s capable out of the box for basic rich text editing, but if you want to do anything more with it you’ll have to extend it yourself. This can be time consuming and an exercise in fustration. Not a fun time.

Some examples of things you might want Trix to do someday: different heading sizes, text alignment, @mentions, table editing. With RicherText.js many of these things come built for you where all you need to do is plugin a few backend pieces and away you go, saving you valuable time, and where there’s not an existing extension you can extend it yourself.

Try out Trix

Best viewed in light mode.

Try out Richer Text

Below you’ll find the full kitchen sink example with all the bells and whistles included for Richer Text. In most situations you can turn off things you don’t want.