Richer Text


iFramely is an embed service that supports 1900+ sites, things like Spotify/Apple Music, Typeform and many many more. Richer Text integrates with it, with all you needing to provide to the form field, or default form options is an iframely-key attribute with your MD5 Hashed API Key from the dashboard and a paid plan (you can get started for free though!).



Provide the hashed Iframely API key to the editor;

If using our Ruby on Rails integration:

Rails.application.config.to_prepare do
  RicherText.default_renderer =

  RicherText.default_form_options = {
    class: "min-h-[10rem]",
    callouts: true,
    tables: true,
    "iframely-key": "HASHED_API_KEY_HERE",
    oembed: false

It’s recommended to turn off the oembed functionality built into the Richer Text library as that provides a limited number of providers out of the box and Iframely will support those providers and so so many more.

Permit your site’s URL in the Iframely dashboard

It’s important to allow-list your domains for the Iframely API to prevent unauthorized usage. You can do this from the API Keys page and clicking Edit on each API Key.

See the Iframely Docs for more info